tents in the woods

5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Camping Trip

The summer REI catalog showed up in my mailbox the other day.  It’s full of all kinds of gear for camping that you probably shouldn’t go without unless you’re me.  I hate camping!  I leafed through the catalog to pass some time before heading to the bus stop to get my daughter.  It got me […]

car on the road - having a successful road trip with tweens

5 Secrets for a Successful Road Trip with Tweens

I’ve never been a fan of long car trips and by the way, I define long as over 2 hours.  I grew up in Virginia and every summer, we made the 10+ hour car trip to Lake Michigan to visit friends.  I can remember as a kid packing my bag full of things to keep […]

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11 Apps to Make Green Living Easier

Let’s face it, being green ain’t easy!  It takes some effort to live “the green way”, it’s a choice that you consciously must make but thankfully, there are plenty of smartphone apps to make green living easier.  How people were able to do it before the invention of the smartphone is beyond me.  I often […]

natural ways to combat seasonal allergies

Natural Ways to Treat Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can be awful and somewhat debilitating, depending on what Mother Nature decides to throw at us. If there’s one thing most Americans can count on, it’s suffering from some sort of seasonal allergy every year.  Once the trees and grasses start blooming in the late winter/early spring, the suffering begins.  I moved from […]

grocery store shelves with chemically based air fresheners

How To Get Rid of Stinky Boy Smell Without Harsh Chemicals

WOAH!  What is that smell?  A friend posted a question on Facebook, asking for suggestions on how to get rid of stinky boy smell in her tween son’s bedroom.  Having recently been there myself, I had some ideas to share with her.  It seems whenever you ask for help with stink problems, people come out of […]

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