Welcome to Finding Our Green Life, my virtual home on the internet.  Are you an environmental nut or are you just starting your journey?  Confused about what can be recycled and what can’t?  Trying to reduce the amount of trash produced in your home?  Wondering if all those fruits and veggies you’re consuming are helping or hurting your body?  Looking to turn trash in to treasure?  No matter where you are in your journey to a greener lifestyle, Finding Our Green Life can be your roadmap to a greener lifestyle or simply a source of inspiration.


Launched as a fun resource for anyone interested in “greening” their lifestyle or learning more about how cool “being green” can be, Finding Our Green Life is chock full of information, tips and ideas.  I’m not a science person so you won’t find any in-depth information about climate change or global warming but what you will find are some fun, easy things you can do to make your world a better place.


So you’re here and wondering, who is this girl?  I’m Heather, a wife and mother of two kids and one english bulldog.   The five of us are living the dream, just outside Atlanta, GA.  I put the corporate world in my rearview mirror when my son was born and have zero desire to go back. I’ve been an active recycler since my tween years but after a cancer diagnosis in my 20’s and then having a couple kiddo’s, I knew I needed to be fully invested in the things that were going in to and on to our bodies, as well as the air we are breathing.


I am passionate about doing my part to improve the health of our planet and at the same time helping people understand they can do so as well, just by making small, easy changes.  When we all make small changes, together we have a greater impact.


I’ve been on this journey for many years and have thought many times about starting a blog.  It all sounded so daunting, fear of the unknown held me back for too long.  I can’t continue to keep all this great information to myself!  There is so much information available about reducing not only chemicals but our waste and our footprint as well as recycling.  If you’re anything like me, at times you become overwhelmed by it all. Maybe you’d like to be a “greener” person but just simply don’t have the time to sort through all the information out there.  I don’t claim to be an expert and I’m surely not as green as Kermit the frog but I’m learning new things every day and I’d love to share them with you.


You can anticipate a few new posts on Finding Our Green Life each week in addition to more content on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.


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– Heather