car on the road - having a successful road trip with tweens

5 Secrets for a Successful Road Trip with Tweens

I’ve never been a fan of long car trips and by the way, I define long as over 2 hours.  I grew up in Virginia and every summer, we made the 10+ hour car trip to Lake Michigan to visit friends.  I can remember as a kid packing my bag full of things to keep […]

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5 Incredible Earth Friendly Gifts Mom Will Love

What Does Mom Want For Mother’s Day? Last year, I talked about the practical gifts mom would love for Mother’s Day.  Things like time off, a clean house, well-behaved children, a clean car, completed errands (hint, grocery shopping & laundry), all the things that just are not going to happen.  I’m a practical person so […]

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Dining Out Waste Free

Who feels like cooking, no one?  Ok, we’re going out.  We usually dine out once a week.  Inevitably, there are leftovers that need to come home so we can a) get our money’s worth and b) not waste food.  Every time the waiter/waitress brings the leftovers container, I kick myself because I haven’t gotten my “restaurant […]

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Strawberries – Growing, Buying, Eating, Health Benefits

Nothing screams spring to me like when I start seeing “local” strawberries in the grocery store.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean local like from my state of Georgia, I mean local as in Florida as opposed to California or Mexico.  I start dreaming of ripe, sweet, delicious strawberries topped with homemade whipped cream […]

new crayons on a surface

New Uses for Old Crayons

More than 12 million crayons are produced in the United States EVERY DAY.  THEY.ARE.EVERYWHERE.  New, old, broken, chipped, bits, wrappers.  Every cleaning, organizing, decluttering adventure leads to more.  I hate to throw them away but what to do with old crayons?  Surely there have to be tons of uses for old crayons? If you have […]

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